Great success: 1st year of miffy packages

December 23, 2023

In the year 2023, we presented a number of fun and interactive Miffy packages. Among others, our miffy flower mosaic and miffy’s flower garden were received with open arms. How much fun is it to work together in the garden with miffy?

miffy flower mosaic

A really nice gift to give to for example your (grand)children, nephew/cousin or to the whole class. With the miffy flower mosaic you create a true miffy creation in the garden. By planting the bulbs outside the frost period, and then watering them well, a colorful surprise is created in the garden in the spring….

Flower garden of miffy

Rather go on a scavenger hunt in your own garden? Miffy’s Flower Garden teaches children all about bulbs and flowers, in their own garden. First plant, care for and then learn to recognize flowers. Can you find the planted flowers in the book?

Miffy win campaign Keukenhof

In December, we had the opportunity to host a fun contest for Keukenhof in the Bulb Region. The assignment was to count the number of bulbs in the picture above. We announced the winner on December 21. And the grand prize, of course, was a Miffy flower mosaic or Miffy’s flower garden package!

Oh, and by the way, the answer was 89 flower bulbs!

Share your flower mosaic in spring

Have you purchased and already planned a miffy flower mosaic? If so, we urge you to share your garden mosaic on social media! Tag @miffybyphilos so we can see your creation!

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The unique amaryllis wax globe

By the end of 2023, we have also added a unique wax bulb to our assortment. This ideal houseplant needs no water at all, and can bloom for several weeks. Children can measure the plant themselves with a Miffy measuring tape to learn more about the growth of the amaryllis.

In 2024, we plan to expand our assortment even more with fun, educational and green Miffy products. So keep a close eye on our postings!

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