Learning about flowers and plants

September 10, 2023

Flowers and plants come in many different shapes and sizes. Some grow and bloom completely differently than others. So how much fun is it to experience all these differences for yourself through play? Children especially enjoy learning all about how flowers and plants grow. That’s why we at Philos Green Products give them the opportunity to learn all about it themselves!

How do plants actually grow?

Children are taught a lot about nature at school. But at home it is also possible to learn about plants, flowers and seeds in practice. Therefore, we recommend teaching children how plants grow and how to care for them.

Philos Green Products’ products connect well with children’s desire to learn. For example, you can buy a beautiful amaryllis bulb with measuring tape from us that children can measure throughout its growth. This way they can find out how much the plant grows per week or per month. By carefully following the instructions, they will know how best to care for the plant. After all, this bulb needs no water…….
And they themselves see after long patience and attention to the plant that they are getting bigger and more beautiful.

Learning to plant and water

To get really creative with flowers and bulbs, it is good to learn how to plant and water them. And it is especially nice when after a long time of hard work and patience, you see a nice and creative result.

You can do that, for example, with our Miffy Flower Mosaic. This is a package of flower bulbs that you plant in the shape of Miffy in the ground. You do this around the months October and November (before the frost). By giving the bulbs throughout the winter, the bulbs will come out in the spring and a colorful miffy will be visible in the garden. How fun is that!

Learning to recognize different flowers

Planting your own flowers is fun and educational. You make it even more fun with Dick Bruna’s flower book. With this book children can see if they can see the flowers in this book in their garden. This way children learn in a creative way the differences between all kinds of flowers like tulips, daffodils and blue grapes.

You get Dick Bruna’s flower book when you purchase the flower garden from the Philos Green Products website. This flower garden contains a number of different flower bulbs that children can plant themselves in the fall and water in the winter. This way, the garden gets a lot of color in the spring

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