Miffy showing our packages in Keukenhof

December 27, 2023

During a delightful photo session at the Miffy House in Keukenhof, our beloved character Miffy showcased two incredible offerings: the Miffy Mosaic package and the Miffy flower bulbs package.

The big Miffy Mosaic in Keukenhof

Keukenhof boasts a stunning mosaic of Miffy crafted entirely from vibrant hyacinths, a breathtaking testament to creativity and floral artistry. This captivating masterpiece, formed using the colorful blooms of hyacinth flowers.

Make your own mosaic

Wanna create your own Miffy flower mosaic? We’ve got you covered with our bulb packages—one for summer and one for spring! Check out our Instagram video to see how to plant your own colorful mosaic. Let’s bring Miffy’s charm to your garden! 🌸🌼

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