The sansevieria: an ideal plant for children

November 2, 2023

Children love plants, so it is important that they start learning about them from an early age. We recommend the sansevieria (lady’s tongue) plant for this purpose. This plant does very well with children because it does not require complicated care. In addition, it is an ideal plant for decoration in the home, including the children’s room.

About the sansevieria plant

The sansevieria, also called lady’s tongue, is characterized by the fact that the plant grows up in a literal way. You have a lot of species of this plant.
Some are ideally suited as houseplants. Others, usually larger varieties, do well in the garden. Originally this plant comes from Africa and now there are many species that can look quite different.

Purifying air

One big advantage of sansevieria is that they purify the air (especially at night). That is, the plant filters all kinds of less good substances in the air and then turns them into oxygen. It is not surprising then that the sansevieria is an excellent choice for, for example, the baby’s room or rooms where children regularly play and sleep.

How should you care for the sansevieria?

For people without a “green thumb,” the lady’s tongue offers a godsend. This is because they need very little water to survive. In winter, most sansevierias can go 6 to 8 weeks without water! A tip is to let the soil in the pot dry out well before watering the plant again. Otherwise, root rot can develop, and you want to avoid that.

In addition, this stylish plant can grow well in both sun and shade. The sansevieria withstands both dry and humid air well. So with just a little water, you have a nice plant in the house that can last a long time.

Order colorful sansevierias in our own webshop

A fun gift to give: our miffy sansevierias! Available in different colors and ideal for children thanks to the low maintenance of the plant and its purifying effect…. They also look very nice in the nursery because of their cheerful colors. And what child can’t resist miffy?

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